Blogger awards I recieved

Hello bloggers, I am here to share my awards I received until yet.I am very happy and exited about these but also feeling sorry for those kind bloggers who have given me these years ago,but I have not shown yet.Although Its a honor for me to receive all these.Very big thanks from my heart to all those bloggers who have…

Obscure power

© copyright thu sep 27  UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This is a acrylic color painting , I have painted on 15 sep 2012.

Happy birthday! Daddy

This is a sketching or I can say a letter I have written for my Dad’s 50th birthday (5 sep.).With my every word, there is a wish to God to give him a very happy, joyful, peaceful, long life filled with love of family and satisfaction with success he have achieved with his brilliance, hard work, passion, and faith…

Dreams hidden in the innocent eyes

“This is our right – that (adults) have to listen. This is children’s rights. And if they are not abiding with that right, we will work harder to make them hear.” “All the problems of the world – child labor, corruption – are symptoms of a spiritual disease: lack of compassion.” Our grade six/seven class…

Darkest day in the history of Mumbai and India

26/11/2008 will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of Mumbai and India. Life in the country%u2019s financial capital remains paralysed as terrorists hold the city under siege. In a heinous terror attack that the country has seen in recent times, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack. Terrorists equipped with…

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MCN: CQVQ3-CKF2P-VCKJM A bird size- A4 year- 2009 (c) all right are reserved by sneh ratna singh

Awaiting women

MCN: C7EBU-CEHC6-UUJ1G © copyright Wed Feb 08 15:11:20 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved

Ugly old lady…….

Today, I was wondering in my garden and suddenly got thrill, an ugly old lady was staring me behind the grill. I got goosebump from my neck to feet, when she instantly through open the gate and come to greet. I asked terrified “WHAT D YOU WANT ? “ her rtten tooth flashes and giggle get flaunt….


My childhood…….

There was a time where I was a frisky little girl innocent freely flying twittering like a bird where I was trying to catch the butterflies and always telling truth never say lies. where I was digging my garden ground and playing hide and seek but always got found. where I was jumping on my…

Reorientation of life

MCN: C15PP-V5VDW-XSD44 © copyright Tue Jan 17 08:10:45 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This sketch is done on large sheet of paper that’s why I can not scan it successfully and completely. colour used : black and blue point ball pen. I finished it on 15\1\2012