Royal wedding(Great cry little wool)

The whole royal splendour preparation for the forthcoming wedding of prince William and Kate is completed now, suspension is only for lucky moment.Royal family is royal family, even normal public is celebrating like the marriage is of their own friend.Question is that, for the display of marriage of two people, expenses of million dollars is not the live symbol of royal dignity.Where the world is not to be liberated from the slap of economic depression, there the expanses on a wedding ceremony shows that the difference of a normal person and royal family has been established for forever.Even if any simple person managed to pick up the moon and stars from the sky they are only used for the glory of royal forehead. Amount of mony ruined for the memento of this ceremony’s grandness,  if spend on needy and poor people then this couple get the true blessings and public remember royal highness queen Elizabeth as Santa Claus.



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