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A final kick can change the fate of both teams.Regular hard work deside who will own that final kick. This sketch is dedicated to my favorite football player Lionel Messi. MCN: CY5J8-6MR4M-LJL2K COLOUR USED:BALL POINT PEN AND PENCIL COLOUR SIZE:A4 I DRAW THIS SKETCH ON:18/7/2010   Advertisements

A Potrait of my father

MCN: CTWYU-47DDH-8R28F Colour used :ball point pen and pencil crayons I sketch it on :5 september 2009 I create this sketch on my father’s birthday as a birthday present.This sketch is baced on a photograph snapshoted in Masoori. 

Netaji ki yamlok yatra

A solitary girl

MCN: C1YB3-WSH36-ADW5G Colour used: black ballpoint pen size:A4 I draw this sketch on: 2/4/09

Gossip women

colour used:acrylic size :A6 time taken :10 days MCN :: C7J9J-AFXKW-GWUVF