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Ugly old lady…….

Today, I was wondering in my garden and suddenly got thrill, an ugly old lady was staring me behind the grill. I got goosebump from my neck to feet, when she instantly through open the gate and come to greet. I asked terrified “WHAT D YOU WANT ? “ her rtten tooth flashes and giggle get flaunt. […]


My childhood…….

There was a time where I was a frisky little girl innocent freely flying twittering like a bird where I was trying to catch the butterflies and always telling truth never say lies. where I was digging my garden ground and playing hide and seek but always got found. where I was jumping on my […]

Reorientation of life

MCN: C15PP-V5VDW-XSD44 © copyright Tue Jan 17 08:10:45 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This sketch is done on large sheet of paper that’s why I can not scan it successfully and completely. colour used : black and blue point ball pen. I finished it on 15\1\2012

wait till this time pass away

MCN: CHUS9-L6JF7-XUYFE   © copyright Sun Jan 08 19:09:08 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This is my favorite childhood sketching. I sketch it on 16/5/2007