Reorientation of life


© copyright Tue Jan 17 08:10:45 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved

This sketch is done on large sheet of paper that’s why I can not scan it successfully and completely.

colour used : black and blue point ball pen.

I finished it on 15\1\2012


16 comments on “Reorientation of life

  1. beautiful…………….like..like..like……

  2. Talent…you know it when you see it. 🙂 Great sketch!

  3. Truly beautiful, you have an amazing talent.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the shading on the skirts, and on the left figure’s hand: it really pops out!. I think the scan adds a neat effect to the skulls by blurring them–I didn’t notice them at first, and I like how they kind of swam into view for me 🙂 The serenity in their expressions is really lovely.
    BTW: thanks for the like!

    • thanks Emily I am so happy that you enjoyed my post.You observed it so attentively,it matters for me very much.I have spend my very much time in sketching it, that’s why your words make me really happy and from my heart. 😀

  5. It’s a nice piece of art : ) You have managed to bring that angelic face to them too : )

  6. oh! you have drawn it amazingly and your theme is also good.

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