My childhood…….

There was a time
where I was a frisky little girl
innocent freely flying twittering like a bird
where I was trying to catch the butterflies
and always telling truth never say lies.
where I was digging my garden ground
and playing hide and seek but always got found.
where I was jumping on my bed
and stoling colored sweets from my fridge.
where I was wearing pretty colorful frocks
and my mum was helping me in wearing shoes and socks.
where I was drawing cartoons on my wall
and trying run hard in excitement and always got fall.
where I was laughing in my mum’s lap
and taking carelessly beautiful sweet nap.
now I grow up and my brain got dirt
but my inner child is alive in my heart.


© copyright Sun Jan 22 08:15:02 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved



  1. A lovely poem but why dwell in the past, disdaining your present? Every stage of your life’s journey is an adventure, a spiritual adventure among other things. You do not need to miss your childhood or see this next phase as “dirt”. Adolescence and adulthood bring greater emotional perception and analytical ability. You have the opportunity to look outward at the world (indeed, in our age, the whole universe) and at people around you in new ways. Childhood innocence is sweet but becomes a cage from which one breaks free (at a cost of pain of course). So I say to the artist, poet and scientist in you, look outward and challenge the future.

    1. thank you so much for reading my poem so deeply,I really like your thinking towards life,you are a great philosopher too.We should have to live in our present its the best thing we can give over selves.Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀

      1. Soundra, you are there as well…When ones writes they really do not think about those that read their work really, for what is important is that you are writing from your heart mind gut…the rest that comes along after the writing is wonderful but the main goal is to please oneself with their own words…You are a excellent writer and always know that…Bev

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