Ugly old lady…….

Today, I was wondering in my garden and suddenly got thrill,
an ugly old lady was staring me behind the grill.
I got goosebump from my neck to feet,
when she instantly through open the gate and come to greet.
I asked terrified “WHAT D YOU WANT ? “
her rtten tooth flashes and giggle get flaunt.
Her untidy hairs waving over her skull face,
her rotten foul smell makes my heart race.
She suddenly clench my neck with her pointed nails 
I fought wildly, but still I fails.
I shrieked with whole effort but I got shoked
no voice came because my throught was locked.
” OH GOD SAVE ME “my heart scream,
I jumped up from my bed it was a bad dream. 


    1. I am thanking God too,this is a fantasy poem,I wright it because my neighbor girl was watching all these things and everyone say she has eye of bad evil on her.I find this story very interesting so I write this one.

  1. I want nothing to do with that apple. LOL! The contrast in that pic takes us back to the beginning on humanity, if you’re a creationist. The apple that sent the ship sinking. but the reality is sobering. The apple, not the woman. But it was all a dream. lol!

      1. Ok now. ease off the greatness and stuff. simple observation. Nice poem though. U built a little suspense that encouraged readers to keep reading and wake them up from nightmare at the end. nicely done.

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