Happy birthday! Daddy

This is a sketching or I can say a letter I have written for my Dad’s 50th birthday (5 sep.).With my every word, there is a wish to God to give him a very happy, joyful, peaceful, long life filled with love of family and satisfaction with success he have achieved with his brilliance, hard work, passion, and faith to give us this beautiful life.Love you daddy! and happy birthday.


this is a look how it look whole.This was a very time taking artwork. It has taken my ten days to complete this. I think it is due to its size. It measures 60\45 cm.

In the center there is a logo of  “Sawan kripal ruhani mission” (a mission of spiritual awakening) which my family follow from our hearts,and worth for us more than our life.This is  dedicated to Saint Rajinder singh ji maharaj.

In the base I have written some words from my mission, which I can not scanned properly are





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12 comments on “Happy birthday! Daddy

  1. Such a lovely thing to do to honour your father Soundarya

  2. I really like your writing style, wonderful info , appreciate it for putting up : D.

  3. Superb as alwayz…ur artwork can even not b praized in words…but it can b felt vry easily…very nice…..

  4. Wow, this looks really amazing!

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