Happy birthday! Daddy

This is a sketching or I can say a letter I have written for my Dad’s 50th birthday (5 sep.).With my every word, there is a wish to God to give him a very happy, joyful, peaceful, long life filled with love of family and satisfaction with success he have achieved with his brilliance, hard work, passion, and faith […]

Darkest day in the history of Mumbai and India

26/11/2008 will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of Mumbai and India. Life in the country%u2019s financial capital remains paralysed as terrorists hold the city under siege. In a heinous terror attack that the country has seen in recent times, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack. Terrorists equipped with […]

Reorientation of life

MCN: C15PP-V5VDW-XSD44 © copyright Tue Jan 17 08:10:45 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This sketch is done on large sheet of paper that’s why I can not scan it successfully and completely. colour used : black and blue point ball pen. I finished it on 15\1\2012

wait till this time pass away

MCN: CHUS9-L6JF7-XUYFE   © copyright Sun Jan 08 19:09:08 UTC 2012 – All Rights Reserved This is my favorite childhood sketching. I sketch it on 16/5/2007  

at the bottomless sea

  “ARE YOU READY TO SINK INTO BOTTOMLESS SEA.” i sketch this on :7 april 2011 MCN: CS6UT-Q9AFS-MTQ6A © copyright Tue Aug 30 17:22:31 UTC 2011 – All Rights Reserved  

across the still river

stillness have a strange beauty that only can be feel if you are still too to understand it.


  MCN: CJSWX-C8L8F-MPEER © copyright Fri Jul 15 17:43:42 UTC 2011 – All Rights Reserved