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Dreams hidden in the innocent eyes

“This is our right – that (adults) have to listen. This is children’s rights. And if they are not abiding with that right, we will work harder to make them hear.” “All the problems of the world – child labor, corruption – are symptoms of a spiritual disease: lack of compassion.” Our grade six/seven class […]

Awaiting women

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My childhood…….

There was a time where I was a frisky little girl innocent freely flying twittering like a bird where I was trying to catch the butterflies and always telling truth never say lies. where I was digging my garden ground and playing hide and seek but always got found. where I was jumping on my […]

A Potrait of my father

MCN: CTWYU-47DDH-8R28F Colour used :ball point pen and pencil crayons I sketch it on :5 september 2009 I create this sketch on my father’s birthday as a birthday present.This sketch is baced on a photograph snapshoted in Masoori.