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Happy birthday! Daddy

This is a sketching or I can say a letter I have written for my Dad’s 50th birthday (5 sep.).With my every word, there is a wish to God to give him a very happy, joyful, peaceful, long life filled with love of family and satisfaction with success he have achieved with his brilliance, hard work, passion, and faith […]

My childhood…….

There was a time where I was a frisky little girl innocent freely flying twittering like a bird where I was trying to catch the butterflies and always telling truth never say lies. where I was digging my garden ground and playing hide and seek but always got found. where I was jumping on my […]

A Potrait of my father

MCN: CTWYU-47DDH-8R28F Colour used :ball point pen and pencil crayons I sketch it on :5 september 2009 I create this sketch on my father’s birthday as a birthday present.This sketch is baced on a photograph snapshoted in Masoori.